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@johnmaeda Unusual corporate culture deck has simple goal to be top-performer centric. via @rochelleking

@johnmaeda To dwell in the past is to drive a car using only the rear view mirror.

@algore Mexico makes history; first developing nation to pledge significant cuts to their global warming pollution:

@algore I'm going dark tonight with @World_Wildlife for #EarthHour! Join me in #ClimateAction w/ @LiveEarth #liveEARTHhour

@johnmaeda "Getting going takes a lot of leaving." —@jshefrin

@johnmaeda Wooden-dowel wireframes of popular objects, by Janusz Grünspek: via @terrinakamura

@johnmaeda A leader is someone who consistently gives, instead of just takes, from those around them. (what my dad showed me)

@johnmaeda "Working hard on a small dream matters much less than executing well on a big one." —Mrs. Lee

@johnmaeda "I was in Silicon Valley back when the 'Silicon' was still silicon." —@rochelleking, on wafers to #DesignInTech lead

@johnmaeda "For most multiple-race Americans, identity is a highly nuanced concept influenced by politics, history, geography …"

@aileenlee RT @FastCompany: Dollar Shave Club went viral with its razor delivery service. Now it wants to fix men's hair: http:…

@shabihr LIVE on #Periscope: Round 2

@shabihr LIVE on #Periscope: Pre wedding party

@aileenlee RT @KieranSnyder: I collected 1,100 resumes from men and women in tech to look for gender patterns. What I found was fascinating. http://t.…

@andychen RT @forrester: VIDEO: Design-thinking is more than whiteboards and post-it notes - @johnmaeda @KPCB. #measureCX

@msquinn Today is my five year anniversary on @foursquare! I've added over 270 tips and benefited from many more. Thx @dens!

@algore #EarthHour is Sat 3/28! Take #ClimateAction by going dark for 1 hr with @WorldWildlife + @LiveEarth! #liveEARTHhour

@mabb0tt RT @rklau: One point by @eladgil that can't be repeated enough to people early in their career: Optimize for learning & network, *not* comp…

@moodrowghani RT @caltchek: Come join a chat at @micnews offices on March 31 –

@andychen RT @kpcb: "I don’t have a car or a house. I’m trying to live in what I call a “post-possessionista” state of mind." @johnmaeda

@kpcb Every day, we create 2.5 billion gigabytes of data. So much is untouched, awaiting new analytic methods. #BigData

@kpcb "I don’t have a car or a house. I’m trying to live in what I call a “post-possessionista” state of mind." @johnmaeda

@andychen RT @kpcb: Did you miss @johnmaeda's #DesignInTech report @SXSW? Not to worry - you can watch the entire keynote here:

@algore Congratulations to my friend @SenatorReid. The Senate, people of Nevada & citizens of our nation will miss his tremendous leadership in 2017

@mabb0tt RT @sacca: I always assumed I'd make the cover of @muscle_fitness or @CountryLiving first, but @Forbes beat them to the punch.

@johnmaeda "There's the general desire of people to be change adverse – people love change except for the change part."—Alan Kay

@JShoee "With @SlackHQ, the world of business software is edging into consumer tech. And it's surprisingly good fun." via @FT

@johnmaeda "Expect *it* can change. Expect *you* can change. But don't expect you can change *it*." —@jshefrin

@JShoee "The two-earner couple [with no children] is the least-favored category of taxpayer in the U.S." Via @Forbes

@JShoee @johnmaeda just came across it while browsing @audible_com. Love my physical copy but glad to see audio as an option.

@johnmaeda "The 'victim' places blame on what they can't control. The 'player' focuses on what they *can* control." —Fred Kofman

@JShoee The future of news could be @periscopeco “@verge: There was an explosion in NYC & I'm watching it live on Periscope"

@johnmaeda "Your first ten hires must share the *fuego*, and should be magnets for talent ." —@JShoee

@johnmaeda "What makes a company isn't necessarily what the company makes." —@danroth

@aileenlee grt insights by @kieransnyder of @textio The resume gap: Gender differences contribute to tech's dismal diversity

@JShoee Instead of having to exercise options within the standard 90 days, Pinterest is giving x-employees 7 yrs to exercise.

@aileenlee RT @karaswisher: Read this superb @recode op-ed by @suedecker: A Fish Is the Last to Discover Water: Impressions From the Pao Trial http://

@johnmaeda "Antonelli's talent for bridging the esoteric with the universal shines throughout …"

@johnmaeda Felt a bit out of the shire in the land of Legolas-ness, but felt at home with this word: "prestigelös" #sthlmtech

@johnmaeda Glad to have seen that nerd humor is healthy and proud in frontend engineer/designers in Sweden. #DesignInTech