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KPCB sFund Launch
John Doerr, KPCB Partner; Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO; Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO; Mark Pincus, Zynga CEO & Founder; and Bing Gordon, KPCB Partner.
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

KPCB sFund Launch


@aileenlee RT @ibringtraffic: @aileenlee @DocSend some innovation of our own today at Let your dog invest intelligently. https:…

@lilaibrahim The Internet of Heavier Things! Great post on the industrial awakening by @dbmount @kpcb

@johnmaeda #DesignInTech culture has just started to take off in the drone industry as led by team at

@johnmaeda RT @AshleighAxios: Hey #DCDesign & #DCTech, @johnmaeda is presenting on his #DesignInTech report Tues, 7th. You should be there: https://t.…

@kpcb How do @Airbnb, @Google, and @Twitter onboard senior managers?

@MaxMotsch "The Runaway Train In Late Stage Startup Investing" by @ttunguz on @LinkedIn @tjnahigian @atkurland

@msquinn RT @MakingOfs: The Gladiator

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Excited for #LAHacks! We're offering a prize to the best hack on a @KPCBFellows Challenge. Build for good at @LAHacks http…

@kpcb “Champion the designers who are transforming the startup ecosystem & technology industry.” - @johnmaeda

@kpcb Is it better to have a functional or product unit-specific business structure?

@msquinn BYOD comes to the classroom: @Remind's new chat feature for teachers, parents & students keeps everyone engaged

@johnmaeda Thanks to the students and alumni at @UCBerkeley for coming to my office hours yesterday!

@aileenlee this. is. awesome. DocSend Dachshund Delivery by @DocSend

@johndoerr Find out why #immigrant entrepreneur @pjcobut may be forced to leave the US & take his company w/ him: #LetPJStay

@andychen Amazon Dash: If it fails, April Fools joke. If it succeeds, genius product launch. Wonder how many other companies are rushing to launch now

@johnmaeda Good design is one part technology to two parts psychology and a swig of art history. Stir just until the lumps disappear.

@johnmaeda "Great boards support a balance of the short- and long-term view." —@julietdeb1 (2013)

@johnmaeda "A desk is a dangerous place for a leader." —@bgatens

@msquinn RT @ElliottGotkine: In my 18hrs in Lausanne for #IranTalks the most interesting thing I've learned is that .@Uber works really well here!

@msquinn Great to see @tgr, @jfonstad & @aileenlee in this feature on the small but growing # of VC firms founded by women

@JShoee RT @womeng: Excited to announce #CHIMEHACK2 @Twitter is coming! Using the power of tech for girls & women - info: @C…

@kpcb RT @womeng: Excited to announce #CHIMEHACK2 @Twitter is coming! Using the power of tech for girls & women - info: @C…

@kpcb RT @ChimeforChange: Excited to announce #CHIMEHACK2 @Twitter is coming! Using the power of tech for girls & women - info:

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: #DesignInTech Report presented today at @BerkeleyHaas with @JShoee:

@johnmaeda #DesignInTech Report presented today at @BerkeleyHaas with @JShoee:

@JShoee RT @jenngeorgevich: Hire designers early to build a #designculture @johnmaeda @JShoee @kpcb #DesignInTech

@johnmaeda Justin Sayarath shared @KPCBFellows info to @UCBerkeley students today.

@JShoee The first #IoT in the US was the federal highways act of 1952! #designintech

@andychen RT @berkeleyforum: @johnmaeda "I don't care if it's beautiful, I care if its relevant. Does it work?" @KPCBFellows @BerkeleyHaas

@shabihr RT @KPCBFellows: Getting a call from @johndoerr to come to Silicon Valley, I realized it was a once-in-lifetime opportunity @johnmaeda at @…

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Here we go @johnmaeda #DesignInTech

@moodrowghani Thanks @stance @termsheet for the sweet socks you sent to @kpcb, @bingfish Mary & Christina are loving them!

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: We've had such a great day with @johnmaeda at @UCBerkeley, can't wait to close it out with a #DesignInTech talk http://t.c

@kpcb Can't wait for @johnmaeda's #DesignInTech presentation tonight at @berkeleyforum x @BerkeleyHaas

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: Our very own @johnmaeda hosting office hours with student leaders from all of @UCBerkeley's student design orgs http://t.c

@mabb0tt RT @VentureBeat: Spruce raises $15M more for telemedicine platform, supports new dermatology conditions by @thesulli…

@johnmaeda Dean Sastry welcomes #DesignInTech Report to the @UCBerkeley Jacobs Institute of Design:

@kpcb Excited to partner w/ @SpruceHealth on their mission to create a better way to see the doctor.

@kpcb "Ideas are easy, execution is everything, it takes a team to win." - @johndoerr's keynote @UCBerkeley. Watch now:

@mmurph Now ESPN is mobile first property! “Crazy @espn stat -- 61% of website visitors MOBILE-ONLY in Jan 2015 @ryanspoon