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KPCB sFund Launch
John Doerr, KPCB Partner; Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO; Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO; Mark Pincus, Zynga CEO & Founder; and Bing Gordon, KPCB Partner.
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

KPCB sFund Launch


@aileenlee RT @Jenn_RTR: The gender income gap needs to change in VC or the ratio never will @aileenlee #ChangeTheRatio

@JShoee Strong day on the interwebs! Llamas, white dress, FCC, #HouseofCardsSeason3.

@kpcb RT @shabihr: Discovery and Growth panel by @jain_ankit Brahim, Kamo, and Amir @kpcb @Android @GooglePlay #KP12to200

@shabihr Discovery and Growth panel by @jain_ankit Brahim, Kamo, and Amir @kpcb @Android @GooglePlay #KP12to200

@kpcb Wow. #MaterialDesign is so cool. @androiddesigner presenting at #KP12to200

@kpcb RT @shabihr: @Android Design team talking about #materialdesign to mobile rock stars #KP12to200 @kpcb @johnmaeda

@AnjneyMidha RT @shabihr: @GooglePlay team talking to a packed house of mobile companies #KP12to200 @kpcb @AnjneyMidha

@kpcb RT @shabihr: @GooglePlay team talking to a packed house of mobile companies #KP12to200 @kpcb @AnjneyMidha

@kpcb "Think about designing for @Android specifically, and not just mobile." - great tips at the #KP12to200 workshop

@kpcb Interesting: @GooglePlay is growing faster than @Android. #KP12to200

@mabb0tt RT @mattocko: Proud of @MayfieldFund @kpcb @DCVC team co @cloudphysics: their *routine* tech's so deep it makes @usenix papers ;-) https://

@kpcb Excited for our @GooglePlay workshop @kpcb SF office. #KP12to200 cc: @shabihr

@aileenlee RT @adamlashinsky: I'm proud and excited the talented @LeenaRao is returning to journalism and joining the SF staff of @FortuneMagazine!!! …

@kpcb Over the last 6 years, 132 #AgTech startups have sought funding annually. Major trend to pay attention to. #AgTech

@msquinn Was wondering why it took two weeks to back up my phone: I have 14,894 photos & 159 videos stored locally. How about you? Save us iPhoto.

@andychen RT @kpcb: "Instead of being driven by paranoia, be drawn by passion" -@johndoerr on missionaries vs. mercenaries

@mmurph Good read from @mleslie45 on "the arc of a company life"... "there is no place to rest: There Is No Finish Line"

@kpcb 1. Millennials make a positive impact. 2. Transparency is critical. 3. You need stretch goals. cc: @BetterWorks

@kpcb Join @johnmaeda on Feb 28 at @MIT where he’ll be judging the @TeamMakeMIT Hardware #Hackathon.

@mabb0tt RT @ingridlunden: Two years ago Android took 43% of smartphone profits (Apple 57%); today that's dropped to 11% (Apple 89%)

@johnmaeda Addressing the #NAIS2015's #DesignTheRevolution movement afoot and led by independent school leaders.

@johnmaeda #DesignInTech matters more now because the digital natives' expectations for tech are higher, and they're starting to outnumber us.

@johnmaeda "YouTube users upload more than 300 hours of video every minute -- three times the number two years ago." —@mabb0tt

@johnmaeda "When the contact point between product and people is a point of friction, the designer has failed." —Henry Dreyfuss

@msquinn Morbid but interesting: when UK moved to blister packs for Tylenol (from pill bottles) OD suicides dropped 44%

@mabb0tt RT @schulkin: Beyond moved by this article from my friend @ParsOpercularis, who faces his own death the way I hope to face mine: http://t.c

@mabb0tt RT @OngEmil: Warriors without scars haven't seen many battles.

@kpcb .@YouTube users upload >300 hours of video per minute. @plexapp helps manage it. cc: @mabb0tt

@kpcb Accessing and enjoying all of our online media is not always easy. Here's how @plexapp promises to help: cc: @mabb0tt

@kpcb Congrats to Drawbridge CEO kamakshis for being awarded the anitaborg_org ABIE award for te…

@msquinn It $ays a lot that the first Apple Watch ad i$ a 22 pg $egment in Vogue. High fashion, high price, Wintour approved.

@mabb0tt RT @coreoslinux: Check out CoreOS' CEO @polvi talk about containers & changing server landscape at #lfcollab here:

@msquinn With the shift offline->online, big box->boutique & security issues Target's the poster child for retailer challenges

@msquinn RT @sarahjeong: god i love the verge it's a great home for @nitashatiku

@mabb0tt excited to be partnering with the team at plex! “your media on every screen” -> cc:@plexapp

@msquinn RT @erickschonfeld: Never seen this before: @SlackHQ is so confident in its product that it will only charge companies for active users htt…

@moodrowghani Great interview w/@DocuSign CEO @KeithKrach1 on making #docusign a verb, transacting in 188 countries & more cc:@kpcb

@kpcb When building a board of directors strive for diversity of opinion and don’t be afraid to go against the grain.

@msquinn If... L O N G ...tweets are the next textshots I'm out.

@kpcb RT @shl: Gumroad in USA Today: "For me it's about helping people who are making stuff make money."