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Zynga Takes on Social Gaming
Zynga's Farmville lets you plant and harvest crops, or buy zebra unicorns and play match maker to polka dot livestock. Your farm, your way.
Sunday, July 1, 2007

Zynga Takes on Social Gaming


@johnmaeda "… we struggled through anything we could get our hands on to learn these skills." —@nealsales

@mabb0tt RT @GoogleCR: We've just launched a Person Finder instance to help track missing persons for the #Nepal earthquake,

@algore Very proud of @KarennaGore's powerful and moving words today @EarthDayTexas. A must-read!

@johnmaeda "You are not responsible for the problem, but you are responsible to *face* the problem …" —Victor Frankl

@mmurph Nice work @Shazam and @Flipboard , always early and leading on new platforms!

@JShoee Think I'll stick to water & Advil. Backup: pedialyte. Tastes horrible but much cheaper alternative. via @FastCompany

@JShoee Incredible how popular @uber has become! From being in @drake's lyrics to @sarah_hyland's character in MF mentioning it in latest episode.

@msquinn October: "OMG the 5s seems so small now! How'd I ever survive?" April: [pinkie pecks at wrist screen]

@mabb0tt RT @raffi: .@apachemesos, what we used & developed at @twittereng to schedule the datacenters, is also used by $AAPL for Siri

@MaxMotsch Ads on my gmail app? Really $GOOG?

@msquinn RT @fmanjoo: For people just getting the Apple Watch and wrestling with notifications: For 3rd-p apps, you need Sound on in the main iPhone…

@brookporter Fueled by Bullsh*t - Toyota takes on Elon Musk's view of fuel cell cars

@algore Don’t miss @LaurentFabius’s clear and compelling call for #ClimateAction at #COP21 in today’s @NYTimes:

@brookporter Kudos to @BillNye for openly talking about his changed stance on GMOs. Impressive demonstration of #scientificmethod

@msquinn 4-hour hot take: I'm a convert, but Milanese loop is super heavy. Haptic feedback is the future. @Uber app is hottt.

@johnmaeda Humility is agility: complacency is directly proportional to one's resistance to change.

@creigh .@Wikibon: "2015 is likely to see an exponential take up in containers across the industry" |

@kpcb “We don’t have the ability to share info on a broader scale between companies & governments.” - Gen Keith Alexander #RSAC @RSAConference

@kpcb “Our country is great at innovation - w/ change in tech & new ways of thinking, you can see great opportunities in #cybersecurity.” #RSAC

@kpcb “I still see #cybersecurity as a huge issue for countries & companies. And I think we can make a difference.” - Gen Keith Alexander #RSAC

@kpcb What would Gen Alexander send Snowden for Xmas? “I would send the oath he took, maybe he should've read it all” #RSAC

@kpcb Check out @schluggo's interview w/ General Keith Alexander about life after the NSA at @RSAConference in 10 minutes!

@msquinn Almost got hit by a car looking at my wrist so basically not much has changed.

@msquinn Ovens, etc etc - that you could say "encouraged human laziness".

@msquinn "Teachers Want Students To Use This App in Class" - nice @Time piece on @RemindHQ, now used by third of US teachers!

@johnmaeda The dark horse's goal isn't to win -- it's to pursue the impossible, which having the chance to do so is a win unto itself.

@aileenlee RT @triketora: my team now has a jar where people have to drop $1 when using a male word to address/describe a mixed gender group http://t.…

@aileenlee RT @KieranSnyder: Want to fix bias? Listen when women in tech talk about tech - not just when they talk about women in tech.

@JShoee Current day (cutting edge tech) meets mesozoic era.

@JShoee "If you want to make a difference/be a disruptor, you must keep your eyes, ears & mind wide open." - @richardbranson

@JShoee Really regret rebelling against my parents when they tried to convince me to take Chinese classes.

@JShoee RT @raffi: .@stripe's great doc re: their on-site eng interviews. want to get something similar at @uber ATC /ht @marcprecipice https://t.c

@mabb0tt RT @Chad_Hurley: Happy birthday @YouTube! Wow, 10 years... so many great memories, employees and users! Thank you! Might be time to write t…

@MaxMotsch Ads on my gmail app? Really $GOOG?

@kpcb Timing & speed crucial elements in closing a new lease when apartment hunting. Check out @Zumper on Apple Watch.

@JShoee Nasdaq closed at new all-time high. Breaking a 15-yr milestone last reached at the height of the dot-com era.

@msquinn Seeing my first midnight movie in..ever? Fellow nerds next to me critiquing the "A" in Avengers logo. Save us Downey!

@johnmaeda The only way you can learn from a mistake is to make it.

@MaxMotsch Why $APPL has the highest NPS. Always delighting

@mmurph RT @mappingbabel: AWS generated a juicy profit of $265m for Amazon on sales of $1.566bn. Tell me more about "commodity cloud"...