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@kpcb Did you miss @johnmaeda's #DesignInTech report @SXSW? Not to worry - you can watch the entire keynote here:

@msquinn RT @om: How consumer (Internet) products grow by @arjunsethi is a must read. Lot of lessons for startups here! #longreads

@msquinn "Google May Be Planning a TV Show" - like most thing "Ingress" this seems surprisingly under-reported...

@kpcb RT @atkurland: Couldn't imagine life w/o we put our $ where our mouth is. @t_xu @kpcb

@atkurland Couldn't imagine life w/o we put our $ where our mouth is. @t_xu @kpcb

@andychen RT @KPCBFellows: What are you building this weekend? Build for good and you could be a 2016 KPCB Fellow

@andychen RT @KPCBFellows: Can't wait for Bryan to join us at @MyFitnessPal this summer as a @kpcb Engineering Fellow! http://

@kpcb RT @KPCBFellows: What are you building this weekend? Build for good and you could be a 2016 KPCB Fellow

@brookporter Facebook shares its plan for drones - very big drones:

@johnmaeda "We believe you achieve greatness in 1,000 small steps." —@padday via @fixpert

@moodrowghani Thrilled @kpcb & @johndoerr lead this round in @doordash; helping build an on-demand marketplace for local merchants

@johnmaeda Tyler Crowley and @RochelleKing introduced me to "fika time" in Sweden. #DesignInTech

@mmurph "Benioff noticed that the company was off-the-hook w/interest from prospects" "@InsideSales: A Legit Unicorn" @forbes

@kpcb You can make money by selling old clothes... See this week's @USATODAY feature on @tradesy.

@kpcb RT @t_xu: thrilled to be partnering with @johndoerr and the rest of the @kpcb team. it will be a fun and long journey ahead!

@MaxMotsch RT @Julia_Yrani: Critical, often neglected part of security strategy is achieving the basics. My thoughts here:

@moodrowghani Leading investors to hardware gold, @indiegogo debuted @socialrobot @JiboRobot @canary & @Misfit cc:@kpcb @gogoSlava

@creigh Great hands-on review of the @qumulo system by @vdoppler and why it's the next generation of storage

@moodrowghani Huge congrats to @PencilsOfPromis & @AdamBraun...celebrating 300 schools across 3 continents today

@algore #liveEARTHhour is on Sat March 28th! Join me by going dark for 1 hour and #RaiseYourVoice for #ClimateChange w/@LiveEarth & @World_Wildlife

@moodrowghani Social media #infographic via @comScore & why #media is obsessed w/@Snapchat by @pkafka @kpcb

@johnmaeda Staring at a missing piece in your life makes you miss the real peace that you might already have.

@johnmaeda Making of the #DesignInTech Report began in lowercase “design” to uppercase-D “Design” to “DE$IGN”:

@msquinn RT @jbrewer: 4) If you haven't read Ready Player One, now would be a great time to do so.

@kpcb RT @johnmaeda: The Dirt vs The Cloud: There's a key quality that can only be learned through creating artifacts in the real world. https://

@msquinn Think I hit a little bit of a load issue, sorry! Will try again! /cc @kayvz

@msquinn Oh the places you'll go with @periscopeco. Congrats @kayvz & team! It's been fun to follow the journey here :)

@atkurland RT @msuster: "When the hors d’oeuvres tray is passed take 2. But don't take the whole tray” (evergreen advice on $$ to raise)

@msquinn RT @AlexRubalcava: "If the incentives are wrong, the behavior will be wrong. I guarantee it." -- Munger $DJCO

@msquinn RT @CaseyNewton: I'll say it: Periscope is a better product than Meerkat — and it's now available

@johnmaeda Nice to see #DesignInTech gaining speed in Sweden even in the cold: #sthlmtech

@msquinn RT @mat: Meet Periscope Twitter's New Livestreaming Video App (And Possible Meerkat Killer) tip @techmeme

@AnjneyMidha Excited to welcome @Ayasdi to the @kpcb family, and partner with @singhgurjeet and team!

@JShoee Such a tragedy. Thoughts go out to the families. “@nytimes: Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit before crash

@moodrowghani RT @AustenAllred: "The Uberfication of everything is turning San Francisco into an assisted living community for the young." - @StartupLJac…

@kpcb RT @stilenius: Great story on @tradesy and amazing CEO @TracyDiNunzio who is leading the way for fashion recommence @usatoday @kpcb http:/…

@msquinn Tried to explain to my sisters who are doctors & lawyers why third party FB Messenger GIF integration is important. Case fell a bit flat.

@mmurph Remarkably fast shift: “@Drawbridge: #mobile tipping point has arrived: ~1/2 of ad spend mobile this year, ~3/4 '19.

@andychen RT @chalozin: OMG!! This is the "avengers" version of the Internet (FB messenger | @WhatsApp | @instagram | @kpcb) #F8

@MaxMotsch "When Will the Tech Bubble Pop & 5 Catalysts to Start the Downturn?" @wolfejosh @bgurley @tjnahigian @atkurland